We finished the year big. There were 5 new store openings, 33 full-time employees, 8 part-time employees, new products and thousands of satisfied customers!

At Kacaoland we are renowned for the variety of our menu and the quality of the products we offer. We have as ambition to grow and go as far as possible with our partners. In 2018 we want to take the sweetest Franchising in the country to your locality!

The strength of our system is due to our Franchises who in their stores help build the success of Kacaland. Franchising presupposes a strong identification with the brand, in the permanent search for excellence in quality, service, cleaning and other values uch as initiative, teamwork and daily commitment to the business.

Come visit and "prove" for yourself, learn how to become the next Kacaoland partner.

The next unit can be yours! Join us and be part of this successful network!

More information through the email franchising@kacaoland.pt.